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Tools for Entrepreneurs

Introducing The OmniVenture Collection

All your essential services beautifully packaged into one stunning platform

The OmniVenture Collection is a complete array of essential business management services, platforms, and technologies offered by name brand companies. A platform so powerful it will blow you away! Plus support, deployment, integration, customization, and development, all delivered by your Dedicated Business Manager.

The Executive Collection

Executive Cloud

Software to run your business

Get started with Zoho One

A full stack of proprietary and open source cloud software solutions delivering the best of both worlds. Fully supported and completely integrated with your business.

  • Zoho One Suite

  • Open Source Hosting and Support

  • Integration, Customization, and Deployment

  • Coding and Development

What's Included?

Zoho One by Zoho.  Details here.

Unlimited Open Source App Hosting and Support

Custom Coding and Development

Zoho One Suite
Get started with Zoho One
  • Zoho CRM Plus

  • Zoho Finance Plus

  • Zoho Workplace

  • Zoho IT Management

Suite + Support
Run your business
  • Zoho One Suite

  • Unlimited Phone, Ticket, and Email Support

  • Open Source SaaS Hosting


per month
Suite Development
Automate your business
  • Suite + Support

  • Coding and Development



Executive Finance

Financial services for the modern age

Accept payments from your customers

Financial services priced to scale. Access capital and payment networks, maintain your books and stay compliant.

  • Credit Card and ACH Payments

  • Gift Cards and Customer Loyalty

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Financial Advisory

What's Included?

Payment processing fees waved for first $1000 in transactions. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express networks. Gift cards and customer loyalty included. Bitcoin, ACH, check acceptance, and check guarantee services available.

Complete cash or accrual dual entry bookkeeping services.

Capital, funding, and financial advisory services available.

Payments Suite
Accept customer payments
  • Payment Processing

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Gift Cards

  • Credit cards and ACH

First $1000 of transactions included per month; then 3%
Payments + Books
Manage your finances
  • Payments Suite

  • Bookkeeping


of expenses
Strategic Investment
Get direction and funding
  • Payments + Books

  • Capital and Funding

  • Unlimited CFO Advisory



Executive Advise

Guidance from Experts

Expand your knowledge and capabilities

Build a trusted Advisory Board to guide you in new areas.  Source answers from experts to make important decisions.

  • Answers and Support

  • Dedicated Advisory Board

  • Experts and Peer Consultants

  • Expert Sourcing and Guarantee

What's Included?

Unlimited expert sourced answers.

Expert sourcing and guarantee.

Dedicated Advisory Board available.

Answers Suite
Get your questions answered
  • Unlimited Expert Answers

Answers + Expert
Consult with an expert in the field
  • Answers Suite

  • Expert Sourcing

  • Hourly Consultation

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Advisory Board
Build a team of experts
  • Answers + Expert

  • Custom Advisory Board

  • Unlimited Consultation

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



The Presence Collection

Human Presence

Connectivity and Client Care

Connect and support your customers

Connect with customers by phone, web chat, video conferencing, and more.  Go above and beyond with managed client care.

  • Hosted VOIP Phone and Video Conferencing

  • Team Messaging and Communication

  • End-Client Management and Care

  • Back Office Case Resolution

What's Included?

Your choice of Ring Central Premium or FreePBX on your cloud.

Unlimited live reception phone answering service with ticket creation.

Custom help desk with ticket resolution.

Voice Cloud Suite
Connect to your customers
  • Cloud Phone Service

  • Global Video Conferencing

  • Team Messaging

Voice + Support
Never miss a customer call
  • Voice Cloud Suite

  • Live Reception Ticket Support


per month
Help Desk
Support your customers
  • Voice + Support

  • Help Desk Ticket Resolution



Digital Presence

Complete Web Management

Grow your digital voice

Maintain your image and build your brand.

  • Web Hosting

  • Social Media and Online Reputation Management

  • Listing Distribution

  • Search Engine Optimization

What's Included?

Unlimited web hosting, social media and reputation management platforms.

Complete digital presence management of all major social media and review sites.

Custom content creation and marketing services available.

Digital Presence Suite
Maintain your image
  • Web Hosting

  • Social Management Platform

Presence + Management
Manage your brand
  • Digital Presence Suite

  • Social Media Management

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Listing Distribution and Management


per month
Content Development
Spread the word
  • Presence + Management

  • Blogging

  • Local SEO

  • Adwords Management



Market Presence

Diversified Marketing

Reach new audiences and build brand value

Gain exposure to all potential marketing channels.  Capitalize on each for maximum return on investment.  Plus creative help and design.

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Direct and Print Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

What's Included?

Unlimited email marketing and customer loyalty platforms.

Managed email marketing, unlimited mobile marketing, Adwords management for budgets up to five thousand dollars per month.

Custom direct mail marketing, affiliate management, talent and influencers, and public relations advisement available.

Market Presence Suite
Stay connected
  • Email Marketing Platform

  • Customer Loyalty Platform

Presence + Engagement
Spread the word
  • Market Presence Suite

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Mobile Marketing Services


per month
Fan Development
Create fans to spread the word
  • Presence + Engagement

  • Direct Mail Marketing

  • Affiliate Management

  • Public Relations



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